The website of the Three Counties Fungus Group. A member of the Fungus Conservation Trust. 3 Counties members foray across East Devon, South Somerset and West Dorset.

What's it all about?

It's important to know what happens, what to bring and what to wear on a foray. Keep in mind that the weather can change suddenly when you are some way from your car, and you don't want to go home soaking wet through. Please wear sensible clothes and shoes, boots, wellies as you would on any other country walk.

Please bring a basket if you would like to. We don't generally collect for eating, but you may want to keep specimens to study at home. You can bring a small penknife, but please leave sheath knives, axes, and samurai swords at home.

We're delighted to see children accompanied by parents. They often make the best forayers (closer to the ground) and 'get the bug'. Neither you, nor they can become poisoned by handling even the most lethal of fungi. But a pack of wet wipes does not go amiss.

Bringing the dog is strictly at your risk. If it slays twenty sheep, you pay!

What does it cost? You are most welcome to come along and try us out without joining the Trust, at a modest cost of £3.00 per person to cover insurance. But if you would like to join the 3 Counties Group then we also ask you to support the Trust with membership. It does, of course, entitle you to all the benefits of membership. You can find the details: <>

What do you get out of it? You will begin to learn to recognise these fascinating aspects of nature safely. You will also be contributing something important for their conservation by helping us to record and look after them.